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SoftC Services is a company led by group of domain plus IT experts. With a collective experience of 200 years, our services are focused on Accelerate time-to-market, Increase profits, Provide innovative market solutions to Improve the quality of products for client businesses. Backed by team of experts, we provide customer-centric consulting services to meet the business needs of our clients. Our experts have rich R&D and domain expertise on various verticals like Information Technology, Hi-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Iron & Steel and semiconductor industries.

To provide our clients with competitive advantage we have come up with strategies to build extended teams that can access your demands on a regular basis. The extended teams are a great way to conduct business as they make sure that the work gets done faster and in a more efficient manner. This is great for those who are looking for quick results and higher gains. Not only does it provide you with an edge over the other business ventures but it also ensures that you set yourself up for consistent gains throughout the year.

Since we are concerned with the technical backbone of your company, we also make sure that every one of our employees follows an impeccable work ethic. This is important because it gets the work done faster without intellectual property theft or copyright infringement. In our experience there are many IT Companies out there that in a bid to make a fast profit end up committing many acts of infringement that might discredit them in the long run. To avoid such untoward circumstances and to make sure that our clients get their money’s worth every time they choose to do business with us, as we ensure that our employees follow a strict professional code of conduct.

Furthermore, our company has the much sought after advantage of experience. Over the years we have been able to cultivate long term working partnerships with most of our clients and at our company we believe that this is one of the most important aspects of our business. It allows us to assess your needs accurately so that we can deliver the highest results and make sure that the working partnership is favourable and profitable for all.

At our company we believe that the needs of the client must be maintained over and above any other consideration and to make sure that you increase your profits at a steady and positive pace, we endeavor to combine professional efficiency with strong team work and an ethical working environment.

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SoftC Services provides a complete programming, consultancy, BPO, Technical Support and competitive business development, strategic objectives of a typical customer for outsourcing information systems solution delivery is based on the following imperatives:

Our services include among others, business software analysis, graphical user interfaces, prototype development, and database optimization. We offer a dedicated and enthusiastic & balanced team with considerable project experience for our client's software needs. This team can increase or shrink as per client requirements. A dedicated team brings with it technologies, tools, processes and methodologies that are unique to each client. It maximizes residual knowledge of the client's team. Effectively, we are an extension of our client's software team.

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SoftC Recruiters are always searching for brilliant employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for a work culture where innovation is the goal, Smart work is expected, and creativity is rewarded.

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